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    Portable am fm radio india There is also a lock button so that no buttons get pressed mistakenly. Usually, on the models with both the features, the speakers turn off once the headset is plugged in. In fact, I am planning to present this as a gift to my father. All AIR national and regional channels are AM channels in India. It can take on all of those bangs and scrapes from adventures or rough handling without being too much worse for wear. Up to 10m wireless range. Tuning and operation is simple and the FM reception is excellent. Single driver speaker generates hi-fi sound on this Sony radio with middle to high frequency. Ph: 1300 727 967. Why would one need a portable radio in the 21 st century? The frequency range of AM radio is 520-1710 KHz whereas FM frequency is 87-108 MHz. No matter where you are, this Panasonic portable radio is always been by your side. Built-in cassette recorder records from CD or built-in microphone. In addition, we Kirti Nagar Industrial Area, New Delhi No. This does help it surviving in some major falls without losing any of the control buttons. And, lights show weak for the battery means you should keep two extra fuel cell as a backup. It features amazing improvement on the interference problems and signal noise. This radio supports the play MP3 format music or other media content micro S card or U Disk, and you can even play music and use it for language study as well. Buy this radio at an affordable price of 1400 rupees without a second thought. Please view photos carefully, comes as pictured. Built-in cassette recorder records from CD or built-in microphone. Portable am fm radio india This Sony Digital Clock Radio comes with 5 digital and 5 analogue presets so you can listen to your favourite songs and stations. In fact, I am planning to present this as a gift to my father. Even if you like one somehow due to high price cannot buy it. It features DAB and FM radio tuners, dual alarm with battery back up and a USB port so that you can charge your phone from the radio. The sound quality is rich despite the modest size of the speakers. Power:DC 3V AAX2 batteries Battery Not Included. Why would you buy a radio with large speakers for more money and with a greater battery consumption if you only need it for your own personal use?

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